Celebrating 25 years of service and dedication to Puerto Rico

Caribbean Business/ October 10, 2013

Laboratorio Toledo: One of Puerto Rico’s best reference laboratories offers the largest range of diagnostic tests.

For more than 25 years, Laboratorio Clínico Toledo has been providing Arecibo and surrounding municipalities a wide range of state-of-the-art clinical analysis services. Serving as a reference laboratory for area hospitals, laboratories, industries, insurance companies and other healthcare facilities, we perform tests that are not available through other island laboratories. They include tests for both pediatric and adult patients, with a wide array of healthcare plans accepted.


Rapid and Accurate Results

Using the most advanced technology on the market, we guarantee quick service and accuracy, and are able to perform 98% of the tests locally. To deliver results when our clients need them, we established a number of messenger routes for the collection and delivery of samples to the various laboratories, hospitals and industries we serve. In addition, we are also equipped to send results electronically—in full compliance with both federal and local regulations (EHR).



When it comes to testing, patients have various options, which includes visiting our comfortable modern facility in Arecibo. Depending on the tests required, both individuals and organizations can also take advantage of our onsite testing services at their own location. For individuals, this commonly includes paternity and prenatal tests, drug-related tests, and blood tests for marriage licenses. For the industrial sector, we can visit your operation to provide substance-abuse testing, employee screenings, preventive tests, and workplace tests contamination. Our onsite services also include hospitals, senior centers, nursing homes, occupational medicine clinics and research organizations.


Fully Qualified Staff

Our government-certified employees and medical technologists have the necessary experience to provide a wide range of analyses. For example, our molecular specialists have years of training in processing tests for hepatitis, HIV, PCR Dengue, CMV (cytomegalovirus), EBV (Epstein-Barr virus), TB (pulmonary tuberculosis), the BK virus and more. Our specialists are also pioneers in the implementation of quantitive NMP22 tests for bladder cancer diagnosis. We also use Elisa (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and fluorescence methods to test for rheumatic and gastric illnesses. In addition to serving Puerto Rico, our staff is also equipped to offer our services internationally, and also train others in this highly specialized field.



With the acquisition of Laboratorio Clínico y de Referencia Escuela Medicina de Ponce, we are also equiped to complement our clinical analysis services with education and research. This will allow us to expand our test offerings, as well as the services we provide to various health and preventive medicine clinics. Current research includes studies for a dengue vaccine, as well as Vitamin D testing for children autism.

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